Pre-registration Guidelines

The Registrar’s Office allows departments and programs to pre-register a limited number of students in certain courses before the regular registration period, according to pre-established procedures and deadlines. Department chairs and program directors notify the Registrar’s Office of the courses into which they will allow pre-registration of students, the criteria to be used in determining who will be allowed to pre-register, and the procedures to be followed. Students will only be allowed to pre-register in courses that have been identified by the chairs/program directors. The goal of this procedure is to balance legitimate needs of majors or concentrators with the equally legitimate need of students to gain access to courses that interest them and that, perhaps, carry GE credit.

Pre-registration procedures and deadlines are sent to Department Chairs, Program Directors, and Academic Administrative Assistants via email notification several weeks before each registration period excluding summer sessions.

The list of courses explains which courses are available for pre-registration, which students are eligible to pre-register for each course, the department’s / program’s procedure for doing so, and specific pre-registration deadlines for each department, when applicable. The courses are listed alphabetically by the name of the department offering the courses. Note that only courses on this list, and no others, are available for pre-registration. Students, to determine if you are eligible to pre-register for any courses, skim the “Criteria” column.

The procedures for pre-registration are similar to the ones used since fall of 2002-2003. The process allows time for department chairs / program directors to confer in cases where it is advantageous for majors or concentrators in one department or program to be pre-registered in courses in another department / program or administrative unit such as the CIS. The process also provides a period of time for students to think about their schedule and meet with their advisor before being allowed to pre-register for a course.

The first goal in making this procedure available to departments and programs is to honor the legitimate need of students who need specific courses for a major or concentration, especially one that is highly sequenced, to enroll in those courses. The second goal is to ensure that all courses that are also appropriate for non-majors or non-concentrators (especially those that fulfill GE requirements) remain available to them, insofar as this is possible.

NOTE: No student with a hold on their account may be pre-registered into a course.