Summer Drop/Add Policy

• Check your current registration on the SIS

  • You must be officially registered for all courses you are attending. No one may simply sit in on a course without being officially registered.
  • If you are not accurately registered now, you must complete the drop/add process.

• Drops/Adds

• To drop/add a course or to make a change in the grading option (graded vs. S/U): see for Term 1 and 2 summer school dates

  1. The signature of the faculty member is required for all drops/adds;
  2. Consult your advisor regarding any changes, even though an advisor’s signature is not required on the drop/add slip (except first semester for first-year students).  You may save yourself the grief/cost of a bad choice.  You are always welcome to contact Mary Cisar ( or Cheryl LaCroix in the Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising ( with questions, too.
  3. Pick up a drop/add slip at the Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising service window (Tomson Hall, level 1);
  4. Complete it in full;
  5. Have it signed by the instructor of the course being dropped/added;
  6. Return the slip in person to the Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising window.


  1. S/U option: if you take a course S/U, any GE credit attached to that course will NOT be applied to your record.  See policy above for additional facts about S/U (and to learn the difference between S/U and P/N grading).
  2. Registration for an INDEPENDENT STUDY/RESEARCH, INTERNSHIP, AUDIT, or OVERLOAD may ONLY be added with the complete and signed paperwork and with final approval of the Registrar.
  3. Off-Campus Programs Students who are currently enrolled in St. Olaf off-campus programs may add or drop courses by sending an email to; same rules regarding faculty permission as above.
  4. Changes of registration are processed via email only if the student is away from campus (e.g., on an off-campus program, on leave of absence, breaks between semester, away for the summer).