Official Transcripts

An official St. Olaf College transcript is a permanent academic record of courses and grades prepared for each student who registers in the regular academic programs of St. Olaf College. An unabridged transcript of this record is maintained in the Registrar’s Office. All official transcripts bear the college seal and are enclosed in sealed envelopes bearing the signature of the Registrar on the back flap.  Transcripts that are opened become unofficial. Transcripts can be issued either to you or directly to a third party upon your written consent in compliance with the U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.

We DO NOT take transcript requests by phone or email, and we DO NOT fax or email transcripts.

Request Process and Fees:

Regular Processed Requests: $8.00 each processed within 2-3 business days.
Rush Requests: additional $5.00 per transcript request and will be mailed USPS the same business day if received by 11 am CST/CDT or if received after 11 am it will be mailed the following business day. During summer hours, rush requests on Fridays must be submitted by 8:30am CDT.
Paracollege Evaluations: additional $5.00 per transcript.

  • In Person:  Complete a transcript request form at the Registrar’s Office window, Tomson Hall 149.  Photo ID is required when picking up your transcript.  Current students: Transcripts are not sent to your campus p.o. box.  You will need to pick up the transcript. We cannot release your transcript to another person for pickup on your behalf without your written approval. Payable by cash, check, Ole dollars, money order, or credit card (MasterCard or Visa) 
  • Online:  You may order your official transcript at any time via the National Student Clearinghouse link.  You will need a valid, major credit card to request your transcript.  This is a 24/7 secure internet ordering system  Current students may also login to the SIS to access the link to the Clearinghouse website to  place an order.  Under Student click on Personal.   Go to the right side pull-down menu, select Clearinghouse Services and click the green Go button.  Scroll down and click on Order or Track a Transcript.
  • Mail/Fax: If you are requesting a rush transcript request it is best that you use the online process. Your official transcript request may be sent by US mail or by fax to the Registrar’s Office.  Include payment with request. Incomplete or unsigned requests will not be processed.  Be sure to include a daytime phone number.  Write clearly. Mailed in requests are payable by cash, check, money order, or credit card (Mastercard or Visa).  Faxed requests are payable by credit card and should be faxed to 507-786-3758.

Forms/Attachments: If you have a special form that needs to be included with your transcript, (i.e. for application to AMCAS, LSAC, PTCAS, etc.) then you will need to forward that form separately by fax or email to the Registrar’s Office. (fax to 507-786-3758 or scan and send as an email attachment to  Also be sure to include a special note in your online request indicating that a form is being sent separately and must be included with your transcript.

FedEx Delivery Option: FedEx delivery is used if next business day delivery is needed Monday through Friday. If Saturday delivery is needed please call the Registrar’s Office at 507-786-3015 for the additional cost. There is an additional charge for FedEx delivery. FedEx doesn’t deliver to PO Box and  a complete street address and destination phone number is required.  The charge is $15 for delivery in the continental U.S., $20.00 to Canada and Mexico, and $30.00 for International FedEx delivery.  Expedited requests must be received by 11 am  CST/CDT.

For transcripts being mailed outside the United States we recommend the FedEx delivery option. This way there is a tracking number for you to track your transcript otherwise it can take several weeks through US Mail.

For current senior students: Transcripts are not processed during the week leading up to graduation.

*Please be aware starting Monday, September 19, 2016 the transcript fee will be $8.00 per transcript.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Paracollege?

What are Paracollege Evaluations?  Should I send evaluations with my transcripts?

Can I order an unofficial transcript?
Unofficial transcripts are only available to currently enrolled students.  Current students can access their unofficial transcript through SIS.

Can I order my transcript over the phone?
No, your signature is needed in order to release your transcript.  You will need to order your transcript by one of the options above: online through the National Student Clearinghouse, in person, by mailing or faxing a completed transcript request form.

Can someone else order my transcript?
This can be done  if there is an official Power of Attorney that designates an individual to have access to your education records.  Or, if you are a current student and on an abroad program, then you must complete and submit the Transcript Release Authorization Form prior to leaving campus.  This form is included in your off-campus program application materials.

Can someone else pick up my transcript?
Yes.  We need your written permission which includes the name of the person you are allowing to pick up your transcript.

What is the difference between Rush and Regular processing?
Regular processing means we will process your transcript request within 2-3 business days.  Rush processing means your request will be processed the same business day and that it will be sent out same day if received by 11 am on that business day.

Can you email or fax my transcript?
No, due to confidentiality and security we do not fax or email transcripts.

My transcript needs the college seal and needs to be delivered in a sealed envelope.
All official transcripts bear the college seal and are placed in sealed envelopes with the Registrar’s signature on the back flap.  The transcript remains official unless the seal is broken

My transcript needs to be sent after my current term grades are posted.
Be sure to indicate this on your transcript request form.

My transcript needs to be sent after my degree is posted.
Be sure to select this option on the transcript request form.

My deadline is tomorrow.  How can I get the transcript there on time?
Your only option is to send your transcript via FedEx delivery.  The transcript request needs to be in our office by 11 am in order for us to process your request and meet the scheduled on-campus FedEx pickup.  You will be charged the rush transcript fee plus the FedEx delivery fee.

What if I have a hold?
If a financial hold has been placed on your transcript, then you will need to resolve the hold with the appropriate department.  You will be notified if there is a hold on your transcript.

The school I had my transcript sent to says they didn’t receive my transcript.  Now what?
Please allow the USPS 2 weeks from our processed date for delivery. Contact the recipient to see if they have received the transcript, then contact our office if the transcript is still missing. We are happy to resend your transcript if they are unable to locate it after you call them.