Some Guidelines from the VA

You should be able to find answers to your VA benefit questions at

  1. You may not take the same course at St. Olaf that you transferred in from another institution.
  2. D- or above is passing and benefits are not given if the same course is repeated
  3. There has to be an academic reason for repeating a course for which you previously had a passing grade. For example VA students will receive benefits if a course is repeated where a grade of C or above is required for their major.
  4. You will not receive VA benefits if a course you passed earlier is repeated just to raise your GPA.
  5. If VA students receive an F for a course and repeat it, then benefits are awarded. If the course is completed the F is not reported to the VA. If the student is suspended then a 1999b is completed and sent to the VA.
  6. First and second year students at St. Olaf must verify what their degree BA or BM is, but do not have to declare their major yet.
  7. A VA student in their junior year must verify their major(s). It is then reported to the VA.
  8. Veteran’s Employment Center

Please contact Nanette Schroeder, School Certifying Official, at or (507) 786-3292 for any further questions.