Registration Information

PLEASE NOTE:  Any course(s) added during the preregistration period will be listed as the first course in each schedule and will count as your first course choice.  If you have more than one preregistered course, each preregistered course will show in order. You cannot make changes to preregistered courses in your schedules.  If a registration hold exists before registration is open, preregistration does not occur.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Automatic registration of American, Asian, Great, Public Affairs and Science Conversation courses, or permission of instructor only courses, occurs prior to web registration if registration holds have been removed.


Step 1

Log into the SIS:

  • Under Student (left-hand menu), click on Registration.
  • Use the pull-down menu in the upper-right-hand corner to select Semester I Potential Classes” and click GO.

Step 2

Choose Potential Classes: This is the FIRST of TWO NECESSARY STEPS; do NOT STOP after this step! Create a pool of all interesting courses for your whole schedule, as follows:

  • From the Class / Lab Schedule under heading Search for a Class, choose a department.
  • Click on the title of the course you are interested in to check the pre-requisites and notes. If you have not completed the pre-requisite(s), do not choose that course. Use the notes to help you understand which courses are open and closed to your class year.
  • Choose an appropriate course and click on ADD.
  • The grading option will indicate Graded in most cases. If you wish to take the course S/U (recall that there is a limit on the number you may take), use the pull-down to change this. If the course is only offered P/N, only this option will appear.
  • Repeat, adding as many course choices to your list as possible (the more the better).
  • Courses with multiple sections: If there are multiple sections of a course (indicated by a capital letter following the three-digit course number), ADD ALL SECTIONS to your potential course list.
  • Courses with lab/discussion section attached: If a lab or discussion section is a required part of the course, all appropriate lab/discussion sections for that course section will automatically appear in your pool when you add the course to it. Add to your pool ALL COURSE SECTIONS AND ALL LAB/DISCUSSION SECTIONS OF THE COURSE to your potential course list.
  • You may return to the potential courses screen to add to your pool at any point in the process.

Step 3

Create Preferred Valid Schedule: The process of submitting schedules is exactly the same for Interim and for a semester. The only difference is that for Interim, each schedule contains only one 1.00 credit course (plus any required labs/discussion sections, when applicable).

  • Click on Create Registration Schedules (link is below your pool of courses) or use the pull-down menu to choose Semester I Schedules” and click GO.
  • Click on Add New Schedule.
  • Under the column marked Course, pull down the first menu. You will see your pre-selected courses.
  • Note: Any pre-registered courses automatically take the first slot(s) in your schedules.
  • For your semester choices, continue in the same manner down the column of pull-down menus until you have listed all courses (which includes the section letter and any associated labs/discussion sections) that complete your first schedule (on worksheet: A1, A2.1, A3.1, A4.1, A5.1). Your first schedule appears horizontally in the first row or rank.
  • For Interim: Each schedule will have only one course (plus required associated labs/discussions). Interim choices would be represented on the worksheet in spaces A1, B1, C1, D1, etc.
  • Click on Save and Validate Schedule.
  • Read any messages that appear in the box above the schedule. If the message indicates a problem, delete the problem course and choose a different course from the pull-down menu.
  • Make sure your total number of credits does not exceed 1.00 for interim, 4.5 for a semester. For a semester, the number of courses listed will vary, depending on how many partial-credit courses you hope to take.
  • To delete a course from the schedule at this point, go back into the pull-down menu and choose.
  • To see your chosen courses in schedule format, click on Return to Schedule List. From there, to edit the same schedule, click on the Edit button (under Action, the paper and pencil icon). To delete a schedule, click on the red X on the right of the schedule.

Step 4

Add COMPLETE Alternate Schedules: To add additional schedules, you may repeat Step 2 above, or you may clone and then edit an existing schedule.

  • To Clone, under Action, click on the middle icon (looks like two sheets of paper);
  • To Edit, click on the left icon (paper + pencil).
  • Remove courses you no longer want by pulling down the menu and clicking on the line that shows as –
  • Add additional courses by pulling down the menu and clicking on the desired course.

Courses listed in boldface are new options; they do not repeat a course that is in a previous schedule. Courses not in boldface repeat a course listed in a previous schedule.

Remember to Save and Validate Schedules after each new schedule and before logging out of the system. Do remember to log out when you are finished!

Step 5

  1. Use the registration tracking tool (updated every ten minutes during an open phase) at the bottom of the schedules page to get a sense of how your choices relate to those of all other students who have submitted schedule choices.
    • Look at percentage of students have already submitted their choices.
    • Use the pick table to see what your registration would look like if registration results were run now. Each course is followed by a fraction. The numerator would be your spot in the course if registration were run right now; the denominator is the maximum number of students allowed in the course during web registration.
    • If a course is in high demand, or if it appears that you could easily be bumped from a course if later submitters want the same course and have a more favorable registration number, plan to provide some schedule options that contain other sections of the same course and/or other courses.
    • If you add additional schedules based on the Tracking Tool, do not delete previous schedules! You want to keep as many options available as possible.
  2. Check back periodically while the web course choice submission process is open, to see if any adjustments need to be made as more students submit schedule choices.

**Even if the tracking tool suggests you might get into a certain set of courses, make sure you keep sufficient alternate schedules in your list of schedules!  Do not delete a schedule unless you know you are not interested in that schedule.**

NOTE THAT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT REGISTRATION WILL RUN FOR YOU IN EXACTLY THE WAY IT APPEARS ON THE TRACKING TOOL, EVEN IF YOU CHECK IT SHORTLY BEFORE THE END OF THE WEB COURSE CHOICE SUBMISSION PROCESS.  The tracking tool is based on already-entered data only. Even a few changes at the last minute can change the results.  This tool is intended to provide information about a particular point in time, not a guarantee of your result.

If you would like help or advice on how to enter your web registration course submission/s, please stop by the Registrar’s Office during window hours, call x3015, or email