What am I doing with my Religion Major?

After studying religion at St. Olaf, our graduates take various paths: some continue their study of religion, some pursue degrees in other fields, others immediately seek employment or volunteer service.  Our graduates carry their understanding of religion into their work in education, religious communities, medicine, law, and other arenas.  They are active in their communities.

In 2011 we participated in a survey of religion majors carried out by the American Academy of Religion with support from the Teagle Foundation.   Half of the graduates from the classes of 2000-2011 responded.  Of those 149 Oles about 40% had or were enrolled in a graduate program in religion and a similar number had or were enrolled in a program in another field.  The most common degree program was the Master of Divinity.  Half a dozen of these recent graduates were enrolled in Ph.D. programs in religion.  A dozen pursued a J.D. and half a dozen each M.D. or a Ph.D. in another field.  They reported employment in religious organizations, the non-profit sector, medicine and health care, education, the arts, government, business, and a few other arenas.  Just over 90% had participated in a volunteer activity or community service in the previous year.