Community Council

Community Council Membership

Community Council is the sponsoring body for cultural, social and recreational programming for each residence hall. Organization and committee structure vary from hall to hall and year to year to meet the needs of students in the specific hall. In addition to hall-wide programming, Community Councils assist in legislating residence hall policies regarding noise control, damage and other community concerns.

Community Councils have an opportunity to advocate concerns of the residence hall community by:

  • Keeping the residents informed of residence hall activities and issues;
  • Seeking information from residents to relay to Community Council;
  • Coordinating the planning and implementation of educational, social, cultural, recreational and spiritual activities within the residence hall;
  • Legislating, with the guidance of the Area Coordinator, individual residence hall policies regarding noise control, damage and other mutual concerns;
  • Assisting the Area Coordinator in matters pertaining to the physical condition of the hall;
  • Encouraging concern for the quality of life and community development in the residence hall.

While all residents are contributing members of their community council, there are several formal leadership opportunities that are selected at the beginning of each academic year in collaboration with the Residence Life staff in each hall.