Honor Houses

The Mission of the Honor Houses

The college currently owns several campus houses that are available for upper class-year students. These houses provide students with intentional opportunities to engage in dialogues and develop events in an autonomous residential setting. This upcoming year the college will begin construction of a new residence hall and several townhomes on St. Olaf Avenue. The construction requires several existing houses to be removed or decommissioned. The remaining College houses will be utilized for Academic Houses, Taylor Center Houses and to accommodate on-going COVID-19 needs. If houses are available after meeting those needs, Pamela McDowell will assign spaces for 2021-2022 at room-draw time. To apply for Academic Houses and Taylor Center Houses, please see below:

  • Academic Houses – Criteria for acceptance into the language houses ¬†are established by their respective departments. These houses focus on language fluency, study tables, immersive experiences, and campus programming. Please contact the specific academic department to find out about their application process.
  • Taylor Center HousesThese houses serve as a strategic programming arm for the Taylor Center focused on social and educational events that build community among multicultural students, international students, and LGBTQIA+ students. The application process takes place through the Taylor Center; for more information please check out https://wp.stolaf.edu/taylorcenter/taylor-center-honor-houses/
    • Lavender House
    • ERITAJ House


College houses are equipped with basic kitchen appliances and furniture. Partial custodial service is also provided. The houses are considered extensions of the residence hall system and all college policies apply. Residents of these houses have the opportunity to elect a full or a partial board plan. To view the floor plans for each house click here.