Admissions: This is where the St. Olaf journey begins. The Admissions Office guides future Ole prospects to see all the good in St. Olaf. For more information on what’s happening in the Admissions Office check our page

ADC: ADC stands for the After Dark Committee. As part of the Student Government Association, ADC is responsible for planning events for the student body. As the name describes, the committee handles events after dark. They plan events in the 10pm-1am time slot. Events have included  Laser Tag, Pinterest Parties, dances, and much more! Follow ADC on Twitter and Facebook.

ASCThe ASC collaborates with faculty, staff and other campus partners to provide a range of services, programs and resources that support all St. Olaf students as they work to maximize their full academic potential.  Support, both peer and professional, is student-centered, accessible, inclusive and free of charge! Call 507-786- 3288 with questions.

Agnes a cappella: The female student a cappella group on campus. This is a very competitive group to become a part of because they are so highly liked by all of campus. The group holds concerts open to the public throughout the year. The campus favorite is the Holiday Concert where Agnes and the Limestones perform together. Like them on Facebook!

ARMS: Formerly “American Racial and Multicultural Studies,” this program is now Race and Ethnic Studies (RACE).

ACE: Academic Civic Engagement is an approach to teaching and learning that encourages students to learn in community contexts. Students consider community-based experiences in relation to classroom learning and apply academic knowledge and skills to strengthen communities as an integrated component of an academic course.

Alias: An email group to ease the process of sending mass email. Professors often use aliases for easy communication with their classes, and students use them primarily to communicate with student organizations they participate in. You may create a new alias for your organization, research team, or study group through Account Services.

Am Con:  Short for American Conversations, an interdisciplinary General Education program and learning community in which students  analyze America’s history and culture.  Over four successive semesters in their first and sophomore years, Amcon students encounter many of the texts, topics, and historical developments that have defined “America” from its earliest colonization to the present. Amcon students make up a true academic community, living in a common dorm in their first year and complementing their in-class education with dinners, informal gatherings and field trips. Through the inclusion of an academic civic engagement component, moreover, students develop as active citizens, bringing their ideas and energy into the larger community.


Boe Chapel: Dedicated in 1954, Boe is meant to be a place for worship, music, edifying convocations, college ceremonies, the arts and private meditation. Daily Chapel takes place here during a break from classes.

Bookstore: Home to all textbooks, Ole gear, school supplies, and more, the Bookstore is conveniently located on the first floor of Buntrock Commons.

BORSC (Board of Regents Student Committee): As a branch of the Student Government Association, the Board of Regents Student Committee facilitates communication between the student body and the Board of Regents of the college. A primary responsibility of BORSC is to represent student concerns regarding the long range planning of the college, especially those aspects directly managed by the Board of Regents.

Board of Regents: The St. Olaf Board of Regents manages and directs the business and affairs of the college. Among its many responsibilities, the board ultimately oversees the academic integrity of the college by appointing the president, awarding tenure to the faculty upon the president’s nomination, and adopting policies that establish the rights and obligations of faculty members.

Boe House: The Counseling Center was established by St. Olaf College to enhance the personal growth and development of its students. The Center supports students in their academic pursuits and facilitates personal and interpersonal learning and growth. The Counseling Center is open during the academic year from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

BASICS: BASICS is a “drinker’s checkup” that helps you examine your use, identify changes that could work for you and reduce your risk of future problems. It’s not therapy or substance abuse treatment. Any student who’s concerned about their alcohol or other drug use can choose to attend BASICS. Students who violate St. Olaf’s alcohol and drug policies, are medically transported for alcohol or drug intoxication, held in protective custody, or are court-sanctioned may be mandated to attend BASICS.

Black and Gold Gala: The Alumni Board hosts this annual opportunity for alumni, parents, and friends of St. Olaf College to enjoy an evening of dinner and dancing while supporting current students. The event also features a silent auction in which all proceeds go directly into the St. Olaf Fund.

Buntrock Commons:  The student center of St. Olaf College.  Opened in 1999, it is the central gathering place for students.  Students get their mail, eat, buy books, meet, get involved, host events, and just hang-out here.  Check out the “Hi-Mom Cam” in the Crossroads to see the daily stream of activity.


Christmas Festival: As one of the oldest musical celebrations of Christmas in the United States, Christmas Fest was started in 1912 by F. Melius Christiansen, founder of the St. Olaf College Music Department. The festival features more than 500 student musicians who are members of five choirs (St. Olaf Choir, Viking Chorus, Chapel Choir, Cantorei, and Manitou Singers) and the St. Olaf Orchestra. The festival, which is regularly broadcast nationwide on public television and radio, has been featured in hundreds of publications, including TV Guide, Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times.

Christiansen Hall of Music: Christiansen (pronounced kris-tee-AHN-sen) Hall of Music is home to the Music Department and the Music Organizations staff that supports concerts and tours by the ensembles. Named after St. Olaf Choir founder F. Melius Christiansen, the building houses Urness Recital Hall, the Margaret Skoglund Reception Room, the Halvorson Music Library, three rehearsal rooms, classrooms, practice rooms, faculty studios, and the electronic music studio.

The Cage: In the center of Buntrock Commons, the campus cafe and grill offers all-day breakfast, hot and cold sandwiches and plate-sized cookies in a lively setting. It’s the perfect place to meet friends or a study group!

The Caf: The shortened version of “Cafeteria,” Stav Hall is located on the third floor of Buntrock Commons. Students get to dine on some of the best campus food in the nation! Friends or couples may schedule a “caf date” to catch up or get to know each other better. People may also gather regularly after classes, practice, meetings, etc. From booths, to small tables, to group seating, there is seating for every occasion.

Conversation tables: Students may attend weekly dinner gatherings to work on their speaking skills in various languages, whether as part of their FOL classes or just as a great opportunity for conversation and community.

Companydance: A project-based student dance company that offers a range of performing opportunities and is open by audition to all students. The company’s primary aesthetic is grounded in the modern dance tradition, but is by no means restricted to it.

Career Network for Oles: Designed by the Piper Center for Vocation and Career in conjunction with President David R. Anderson ’74 and the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations. The program connects St. Olaf juniors and seniors with the College’s alumni and parent community in meaningful and substantive ways in order to give students a chance to learn about careers, internships and jobs in their fields of interest while providing alumni and parents the opportunity to share their professional experiences and expertise.

Club sports and Athletic Organizations: An opportunity for athletes to participate in a variety of sports and recreational activities that are not a part of the program of NCAA intercollegiate sports administered by the St. Olaf Athletics Department. 

Club sports include: Ballroom Performance Team, Cycling Club, Men’s Club Hockey, Men’s Lacrosse Club, Men’s Rugby Club, Men’s Ultimate Club, St. Olaf Dance Team (Ole Dancers). St. Olaf Men’s Volleyball, St. Olaf Rowing Club, St. Olaf Women’s Lacrosse, St. Olaf Women’s Rugby, Women’s Ultimate
Athletic Orgs. include: Badminton Club, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Curling Club, Martial Arts Club, Ping Pong Club, St. Olaf Boxing Club, St. Olaf Equestrian Club, St. Olaf Fencing Club


DAC: The Disability and Access Center is located in the ASC and gives students an opportunity to access academics differently and work with professional staff to establish accommodations with respect to disabilities ranging from physical to learning. Students who have not yet been evaluated for a disability but suspect that there might be a barrier to their academics can also work with a professional staff member. Buntrock 108.

Daily Chapel: With different speakers every day, daily chapel is a time of inspiration for body, mind and spirit; a quiet harbor in a busy day; worship. Students, faculty and staff witness to their faith and invite the community to join them. All are welcome!

DCC: The Diversity Celebrations Committee is a branch of the Student Government Association (SGA) that provides entertaining and educational experiences that support St. Olaf College’s commitment to integrate diverse perspectives. The purpose of these events is to provide students with exposure to diverse cultures, communities, and ethnicities and celebrate these cultures.

Dean of Students: The deans coordinate and direct services and programs designed to assist students in taking full advantage of their St. Olaf experience, both in and out of the classroom. The Dean of Students Office Suite is home to the Vice President, Dean of Students, the Associate Deans and Residence Life.

Deep End: The two-pronged theater production and student service organization is dedicated to providing acting, directing, writing, and technical opportunities for students who are not involved in theater department productions.

Den: Home to the Lion’s Pause Pool table and Sports Center vibe, the Den is located in Buntrock Commons in the Pause where students go to relax, eat, and catch the game on TV.

Dinner Debate: The Political Awareness Committee (PAC) plans and hosts dinner debates in which students can bring their caf trays and go, listen, and participate in debates on a variety of issues on campus.

Drag Ball: An annual Pause dance at which students are encouraged to dress in drag, whatever that means to them and their unique wardrobes. Part of this tradition includes performances on stage from practiced drag entertainers, with a Q&A panel with the guest performers preceding the dance.


E-mails: Throughout the day emails are flying across campus. Gmail is the primary mode of communication St. Olaf administration, faculty will use it to contact students, and it remains the easiest way to reach anyone campus!

Ellingson (Ell): As a four-story first-year residence hall, Ellingson houses 198 students. Spacious lounges enable students to study and relax at ease.

E-Check Up to Go: A confidential web survey that allows students to enter information about their chemical use and receive feedback about their use of alcohol or marijuana. The confidential assessment takes about 7-8 minutes to complete, is self-guided, and requires no face-to-face contact time with a counselor.

Elections (SGA): Every fall and spring, the Student Government Association hold elections for positions within SGA and Student Senate. Check out Oleville.com for more info!

Early Music Singers: Consists of 14-20 singers and focuses primarily on music of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras. The choir performs a concert each semester in collaboration with the St. Olaf Collegium Musicum, St. Olaf’s early instrument ensemble.

E-Toke: The Marijuana e-CheckUpToGo is an interactive web survey that allows college and university students to enter information about their marijuana habits and receive feedback about their use of marijuana. The confidential assessment takes about 7-8 minutes to complete, is self-guided, and requires no face-to-face contact time with a counselor or administrator.


Friday Flowers: One of the most popular traditions for students! Each Friday, a local florist sells single flowers for students to buy and put in each other’s p.o. boxes. The p.o. boxes are wonderful to walk by to see all the blooms peeking out!

Fall concert: Each fall, the Music Entertainment Committee (MEC) hosts an up and coming talent concert. Recent fall concerts have been Girl Talk, OK Go, The Hold Steady, and Brother Ali.

FCO: Fellowship of Christian Oles (FCO) is a group of people who gather once a week to discuss ideas, worship together, and share in the joy of Christ-centered relationships. We are a community striving to live as Christ calls us to live, with a heart for outreach in our own St. Olaf community and beyond. Through small groups, weekly meetings, and service trips we build relationships, welcoming people in all walks of Christian faith.

Fresh Faces: A Deep End production for first-years. Fresh Faces is an opportunity to be in an all first-years cabaret featuring acting scenes, dance numbers, and musical pieces from popular theater.

Fireside: Located on the second floor of Buntrock Commons, it is a place to lounge, study, and enjoy yourself. During the winter months, fires can be made in the fireplace!

Fram! Fram!: King Olav’s (Olaf’s) battle cry, “Fram, Fram, Kristmenn, Krossmen” can be found on the St. Olaf College crest.


Great Con: An integrated sequence of five courses taken over two years, the Great Conversation (Great Con) introduces students to the major epochs of Western tradition through direct encounter with significant works. Beginning with the ancient Greeks and Hebrews, the program traces the development of literary and artistic expression, philosophic thought, religious belief, and historical reflections on western culture into the modern world. Students respond to great works, challenging the ideas expressed in them and challenging their own ideas as well, thus joining the conversation of men and women through the ages about the perennial issues of human life.

Green Bikes: The Green Bikes Mechanics team maintains bicycles for use by anyone in the St. Olaf community as part of the campus transportation infrastructure. These 19 bikes are available for speeding you to class on time, down to Northfield and Carleton or further out of town for fun and exercise. Check one out at Rolvaag Library!

Global: One of the most popular and well known study abroad programs! The Global Semester is a five-month academic program offering five courses in different parts of the world under the supervision of St. Olaf faculty. In cooperation with academic institutions in four countries, courses are designed to enable students to develop windows on the world from distinct academic perspectives through class lectures, field trips, and other activities. The program aims to facilitate immersion in the daily life of each community and develop comparisons with American society. The itinerary takes the group around the world with visits to Switzerland (the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva), Israel, Turkey, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and South Korea

Gospel choir: A choir open to any student who wants to join! Rehearsals are held once a week.

GLOW!: Stands for “Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever!”, it is a student organization comprised of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual persons. GLOW! helps to educate, provide resources for and foster acceptance and support for self-identified GLBT persons with and through the alliance of all sexual orientations and gender identities.