Advisor Info

 Every student organization must have an on-campus advisor, a member of the St. Olaf faculty or staff  to be recognized by the Student Organizations Committee of SGA.  Off-campus advisors are permitted additionally.

Guidelines for Advisors

  1. Attend meetings of the organization, as able
  2. Know the leaders and active members
  3. Know the financial status of the organization
  4. Be familiar with the events and activities of the group and be certain they adhere to College guidelines
  5. Serve as a resource person/trainer for the group
  6. Teach leadership and team building techniques
  7. Provide continuity of tradition and history for the group
  8. Represent St. Olaf College to your best ability when dealing with, or on behalf of, the organization
  9. Make recommendations, when appropriate
  10. Attend advisor training and informational sessions (if applicable)
  11. Pay close attention to instances when the club seeks to engage in events or activities involving risk; in particular, working with minors

Affiliated organizations with off-campus advisors:

  • Community and/or clergy leaders must complete a successful background check with St. Olaf College; cost applied to affiliated student organization
  • Must complete the St. Olaf online module on Understanding and Preventing Sexual Violence
  • Must become familiar with all student organization policies, including (but not limited to) hazing, event planning, room reservations, and financial procedures
  • Religious organization staff must establish a relationship with the College Pastors and be willing to meet, upon request
  • Organizations or activities led by non-St. Olaf employees, or employees acting in a capacity not related to their work, must make it clear in all promotional materials that the activities are student-sponsored and not official College events