Check Requests

Student Organizations, once recognized by SOC, will be issued an account at the Business Office for the purpose of club business. Once money is deposited there, orgs can charge items at the Bookstore (at a discount), charge copies at the Print Center, mail things, etc.  In addition, the Business Office can also cut checks to vendors for various items.

In order to get a check, obtain and complete the form .

Attach any needed documents, i.e. W-9, contract, invoice, etc.

Bring completed form and attachments to either the Office of Student Activities.  The documents will be examined and the org cash balance will be checked.  If there are sufficient funds in the account, the expenditure will be approved and the request will be sent to the Accounts Payable Office.   Approvers for expenditures are the Director and Assistant Directors of Student Activities,  and the SGA Financial Officer

Completed forms submitted to approvers will be sent to Accounts Payable within 24 hours.  Accounts Payable cuts checks once per week, on Fridays; all requests submitted (with complete documentation, sufficient funds, and no problems) by Noon on Mondays would have checks completed the same week.