Is your organization interested in hosting a dance? The staff in the Office of Student Activities can help!

Only ONE Pause Dance per month.

This checklist has everything you need to know to host a successful dance:

Here’s a printable pdf of what’s below.

Dance Checklist

  • Reserve your space:
  • Contact the Office of Student Activities (BC 107, 507-786-3999) to discuss security with either Kris Vatter ( or Catherine Paro (
    • Dances often require outside security
    • New Policy: Orgs must pay for 30% of the price of outside security (about $360 for the org)
    • Kris and Catherine can book the outside security
  • Find a DJ
  • Select a member to be the host(s)
    • This person will be at the dance the whole time and available for any questions
    • Not participating
  • Have org members sign up for shifts (or assign them shifts)
    • Required shifts
      • ID Scanning (2 people per shift)
      • Snacks and water (2 people per shift)
      • Set-up (4 people minimum)
      • Clean-up (4 people minimum)
    • Contact the Office of Student Activities (, BC 107) to reserve ID swipers for Presence and receive training by Wed. the week of your dance
    • Reserve Event Host Badges from the OSA or have each member wear an identifiable item, like an org t-shirt or your own badges, during their shift.
    • Attend the Monday Pause Programming Meeting at 10:10am the week of your event
    • Check out a credit card from the OSA and purchase snacks for the event
      • Pretzels, goldfish, etc. are a must
      • Candy usual too (gummy candy is difficult to clean up)
      • Recommend Menards for bulk
    • DJ should arrive at 9pm (or an hour prior to start)
    • Host(s) and set-up team should arrive at 9:30pm at the latest (or at least 30 minutes prior to start) to set up snacks and water, and swiping station.
      • The Office of Student Activities has bowls for snacks that can be checked out
      • Water jugs and cups are supplied by the Pause but it is the org’s responsibility to keep the water and cups stocked
        • If elsewhere on campus, make sure you pick these up from the Pause prior to the event
    • Host(s) will remain available for questions, not participating in the dance, and checking on members who were signed up for shifts.
    • Host(s) and clean up crew must stay and clean up at the end of the dance.
      • Sweep
      • Put tables used for food and water back where they were
      • Clean snack bowls
      • Empty and return water jugs.

Any questions? Contact the Office of Student Activities (BC 107, 507-786-3999)