Department Cards

Department cards are to be used at retail locations on-campus: Bookstore, Cage, Stav, King’s Room, Lion’s Pause kitchen.

Cards are kept at the Buntrock Commons Scheduling Office. The desk is typically staffed 8am – 8pm.

An Organization’s Department Card will be given in exchange for a student ID, to ensure its return.  Treat the card as if it were a credit card – anyone who has it in their possession can use it in a St. Olaf  retail outlet, and it will charge the totals to the org’s Lawson unit.

Return the card to the Desk upon completion.  The transaction receipt is the property of the Org.

Most Orgs have a card issued.  Upon login to the Student Org Database, it is listed as a yes or no, right next to the unit number.

If your organization does not have a department card, email a request to and provide the Org name and Unit number.  Allow at least 3 days for completion.