Event Planning and the City of Northfield

Dear Community Events Organizer:
Thank you for your time and valuable input during the community events process.  The adopted Community Events Policy, application and related documents are now available on the City’s web site .

The application is intended to be a forms document that you will be able to download, complete, save and return.  The only exception to the electronic submission  is for the signature page and fees.  At this time, the City is unable to accept signatures and funds electronically.

We appreciate the many hours you spend planning for and holding events in Northfield. If you need assistance completing the application or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

Deb Little
City Clerk
City of Northfield
Phone: 507-645-3001 Fax: 507-645-3055

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The city said they thought the only way St. Olaf would be affected by this program are for student groups that decide on short notice for event (most commonly a 5K or fun run.)  If they call the City a week or two out and ask for barricades or a police escort, the city might not have fund available to provide the services at no charge and the charges will be passed on the student organization or event planner.