Student Org Financial Forms

This page contains helpful information and resources for student organizations to work within their budgets. Policies are in place to ensure student orgs do not overspend their units. These policies will require a little more advance planning, but will be beneficial for all. It is important for orgs to check budget balances on the Lawson Web regularly.

If access to Lawson is needed, individuals should be listed as an officer of their respective club in the Presence. This will automatically allow login access to Lawson accounts. Contact or 507-786-3999 for further assistance with Lawson.

Form Guide

  • UNIT NAME = the name of the student organization.
  • CO (3) = (company) all student organizations use “company 010”.
  • UNIT (5) = this 5 digit number identifies your student organization – this number will not change, it will always follow the company number on the forms you fill out.
  • ACCOUNT (5) = this is also a 5 digit number and this number will change based on the transaction your organization is doing. reference the “Frequently Used Accounts” to determine which number to use.
__ __ __ _9_ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
company unit account


Approvals must be obtained for check requests, cash advances, and travel reimbursements from the following:

Check Requests – Org check request form

  • Student Organizations, once recognized by SOC, will be issued a unit number at the Business Office for the purpose of club business. Once money is deposited there, orgs can charge items at the Bookstore (at a discount), charge copies at the Print Center, mail things, etc. In addition, the Business Office can also cut checks to vendors for various items.
  • Check request must have the following attached if applicable:
  • For help with contracts, music organizations should go to CHM 112, and all others should see the Director of Student Activities, BC 108. Please do NOT make any verbal commitments prior to this meeting!
  • Remember – we don’t pay Minnesota sales tax except for meals and lodging.  Sales tax paid will be refunded by the individual. Vendors may ask to see the college Minnesota Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.
  • The documents will be examined and the org cash balance will be checked. If there are sufficient funds in the unit, the expenditure will be approved, and the request will be sent to the Accounts Payable Office.


Cash Advance – Fund Request Form

  • Complete the Fund Request Form and obtain approval. The org cash balance will be checked.  If there are sufficient funds in the unit, the fund request will be approved and the request can be taken to the Business Office (see approvals).
  • Student Activities might be able to provide a zippered pouch or cash box for holding the funds.  They will also keep funds in the office safe until it’s ready for deposit, for safe-keeping.
  • Return all funds to the Business Office when sale is completed. Complete and print an advance return form to designate the return of original funds and complete and print a deposit form to deposit the remainder in the org unit.


Deposits – Deposit Form

  • Complete this form and bring it with your deposit to the Business Office.
  • Deposits being sent to the business office should have backup attached to substantiate the deposit (e.g. a printout from the computer system showing total revenues collected that day, or an excel sheet summarizing revenue: 20 T-shirt sales at $10 each = $200 total deposit, a copy of a letter or an agreement received with the check)
  • If sending a deposit with checks to the business office, please include:  name on checks, check numbers and amounts.  There is a spot for this on the updated deposit form, or an excel sheet summarizing the above can be attached to the deposit slip.  Please contact Student Activities for assistance – they have check-stamps and the skills to help.
  • “Description of Deposit” box must be filled in with a description of the source of funding.
  •  Coding:
    • Code gifts 10-(your unit)-44000
    • Code other revenue to 10-(your unit)-46500
  • There is a silver wall depository for after hours deposits in Tomson. Security can let you in the building. The form and cash must be stored in a sealed envelope.


Travel/Reimbursements – Expense Report Form

Use the Travel Expense Report/Employee Reimbursement” form for reimbursements to any St. Olaf employee or student.  Read the following information, complete the form and see Approvals.

  • Must list unit number.
  • Attach original itemized receipts.
  • When requesting mileage reimbursement include the starting point, destination, and the number of miles times the rate. Airport runs are reimbursed a flat rate. (current mileage rate).
  • If reimbursement is $50 or less payment will be made in cash at the Business Office window.
  • We do not reimburse payments:
    • for services use a check request form (i.e., speakers, instructors, etc.)
    • to businesses that accept credit cards
    • for Minnesota sales tax except for food and lodging (print a sales tax form)
  • The Travel expense report now includes IRS guidelines that expenses not accounted for within 60 days of when they were incurred  must be reported as taxable income on the employee’s W-2 or a 1099.
  • Acceptable substantiation (for expense reports, accounts payable, or purchase cards) is now listed in the  order of preference.  A receipt template is now available to use in the event that a receipt or other substantiation is not available.
  • General guidance on mileage calculations has been added to the policy
  • Additional guidance has been provided for the reimbursement of meals
  • Responsibilities of those approving travel expense reports have been added to the policy

Link to St. Olaf Travel Policy


Credit Cards

  • Training:
    • You must have attended annual credit card training and signed the Student Organization Cardholder Agreement before you can check out a credit card.
  • To check out a credit card, go to the following:
    • Music organizations go to Alumni Hall 270
    • All others go to BC 108
  • Reminders:
    • Do not pay Minnesota sales tax except on Food & lodging. Vendors may ask to see the college Minnesota Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
    • Need original itemized receipts – NOT SIGNATURE SLIPS
    • Restaurants: must be itemized, must show no alcohol purchase; include list of people who ate
    • NO gas purchases.
    • NO gift cards or flowers.  Please note College Gift Policy
    • For Lost or stolen cards call 1-800-932-0036.
  • Do not use your Wells Fargo VISA on campus (e.g. Bookstore, Bon Ap), because the College will be assessed fees for processing the credit card. Orgs must use a Department Card on-campus.  (Department Cards are held at the Buntrock Information Desk.)


Business Office Transfer Forms – Transfer Request Form

A transfer request form is used when you need to transfer money between organizations or departments within the College. A journal entry will be made rather than generating a check.

  • Examples of transfers include reimbursements for supplies, speakers, events, etc. or grants from SGA, donations from other departments, or corrections of mistakes.
  • In order to complete the form, you will need to include the co-unit number for the other organization or department and your own organization.
  • The account number is also required. The number will depends upon the type of transfer. Refer to Most Frequently Used Accounts List list to determine which account to use. You will most often use 99400. The Business Office can help you.




All contracts need to be reviewed by the General Counsel’s office.  Make sure to work closing with Office of Student Activities staff when working on contracting a speaker, service, performer, etc.  See the Contracts Policies on the General Counsel’s website for more information

Sales Tax

Organizations that fund-raise by selling taxable items – such as prepared food (egg rolls, bake sale, containers of soda) need to report and pay the MN State Sales Tax:

  • If your organization receives a gift of $250.00 or more, the gift must processed through the College’s development system in order for the donor to be recognized as a donor and given a gift receipt.
  •  NOTE: The College does not encourage organizations to solicit donations, in particular from parents and alumni. Contact the Annual Giving Office, 507-786-3354, for information on projects your group can do that would earn funds for your organization.
Minnesota Nonresident Entertainer Tax
  • There is a 2% tax on all entertainers who do not reside in Minnesota. This includes all musicians, singers, dancers, actors, athletes, public speakers, etc…
  • However, there is a reciprocity agreement between Minnesota, Michigan, and North Dakota. To take advantage of this, form MW-R must be completed by the entertainer.
  • All entertainer contracts are coordinated through Student Activities staff and reviewed by campus legal council.  Students cannot sign contracts on behalf of the college.
  • U.S. Nonresident aliens (Federal Tax)
    • Payments to residents of foreign countries require specific IRS and INS documentation. Please contact the Business Office as soon as you are considering payment to a Nonresident Alien (NRA)

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Questions or concerns? Please contact the Office of Student Activities, 507-786-3999.