All student orgs wishing to have a place to deposit money and have checks written must use the St. Olaf Business Office.  As new orgs are established, the SOC will request an account number for this purpose.  Off-campus checking/savings accounts are not allowed.

Financial training sessions will be held annually. These sessions will highlight any changes in procedure and give basic how-to instructions for successful financial management.  Orgs wishing to use credit cards on behalf of organization business are required to attend at least one of these annual training sessions prior to credit card use.

Sessions will be offered in early fall, mid-fall semester, and in spring.  Individual training by appointment with the SGA Financial Officer can also be arranged for special circumstances.  New orgs can make arrangements for training once a unit number has been established.

Fall 2018 Financial Trainings:
September 11, 2018 11am-Noon in Viking Theater
September 11, 2018 6:30-7:30pm on the Lion’s Pause Mane Stage
September 12, 2018 6:30-7:30pm on the Lion’s Pause Mane Stage

Something to note: the college accounts do not function like an ATM.  For org transactions, please do not assume you can stop by the Business Office and pick up cash to pay for anything.  For example: your pizza party this evening.  You can have a pizza party (if there are sufficient funds in your account), however, someone will have to either pick up a credit card from the SGA Financial Officer in advance (if training has been completed), or someone will have to pay for it up front, keep the receipt, and then complete the paperwork to get reimbursed afterwards.  Another option is to have the party catered through Bon Appetit or in the Pause, where your unit can be directly charged

The SGA Financial Officer(s), SOC Coordinator, and staff in the Office of Student Activities, Buntrock 107, 507-786-3999 are available to assist with questions.

All orgs must have a Dept Card to purchase items at all retail outlets on campus – Bookstore, Cage, Caf, and Pause Kitchen.
Student Org Cards will be held in a binder at the Buntrock Information Desk.  A simple exchange of an Ole Card for your Dept Card will allow you to make your purchase and then return your Dept Card to the front desk.

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