Fundraising Checklist

Does your org want to fundraise? Follow the checklist below to have a successful fundraiser!


At least 2 weeks in advance:

  • Check the Org Fundraising Calendar and see if other orgs are doing similar things.

At least one week in advance:

A day before:


After your fundraiser:

  • Submit your cash to the Business Office.
    • Return your cash advance by completing an Advance Return Form.
    • Deposit any cash in excess of the advance with a Deposit Form coded to your unit number and revenue account (e.g. 10-XXXXX-46500).
    • Did you receive financial donations or gifts in kind? Deposit those with a separate Deposit Form. Specifically identify individual gifts of $250 or more.


Questions? Contact the Office of Student Activities in Buntrock Room 107 or at 507-786-3999.