Student Organization International Travel

St. Olaf Travel Policy can be read, in detail, here.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL for Student Organizations

International travel is possible.  If the destination is NOT a US State Department Travel Warning Country, please complete the same Trip Itinerary Form as domestic trips, but complete the International Trip waiver.   The permission request form must be submitted 3 months prior to travel.

Student organizations considering travel to a country with State Department Travel Warnings shall complete the following:

  1. Registered student organizations can apply for special approval by submitting this form. (3 months in advance)
  2. Office of Student Activities staff shares the completed form with the campus review committee.
  3. If approved, staff notifies the student organization leaders.
  4. Organization student leaders complete the International waivers and submit, along with Group Itinerary Form, to the Office of Student Activities.
  5. Rosters and trip details to be forwarded to Public Safety and the Dean of Student’s office upon receipt.
  6. Student/participants should attend IOS International Orientation prior to departure.
  7. Student leader meets with Director of Student Activities for final review of trip.
  8. Any special needs, such as luggage storage, early building access, etc. should be arranged minimum 2 weeks in advance.

See the U.S. Department of State’s website.