Cereal Bowl Snacket Bracket

Welcome to the 2020 St. Olaf Cereal Bowl Snacket Bracket!

Here’s how it works:
  • Complete your bracket.
  • Submit your predictions for the top 8, top 4, top 2, and grand champion by Friday, March 27.
  • The OSA will post forms to help narrow the field. Completing the forms is easy – just pick your favorite cereal of the pair!
  • Eventually, a grand champion cereal will be chosen and the winner will receive a $50 Amazon shopping spree!
Points will be awarded as follows:
  • 1 point for each Top 8 cereal correctly predicted
  • 3 points for Top 4 cereal correctly predicted
  • 5 points for Top 2 cereal correctly predicted
  • 7 points for correctly predicting the grand champion cereal