Ole the Lion Costume

Check out from the Office of Student Activities Buntrock 107, x3999

Key Rules:

  1. Never speak while in character.
  2. Never break character.
  3. No part of your body should be seen while in character.
  4. No part of your costume should be seen off your body.
  5. If you do not have anything to do, get out of sight.
  6. Know how to attract and when to distract.
  7. Never let anyone use the mascot uniform without approval of the Director or Assistant Director of Student Activities.
  8. The purpose of a mascot shall be to symbolize school and community spirit used to enhance the tradition and emotions of its audience through exaggeration, characterization and entertainment.
  9. Be a positive representative of school spirit.
  10. Athletic events are supervised by RPEA coaches and staff.  Persons in costume will defer to requests and directives by those staff during those events.
  11. If appearing at an athletic event, do not be distracting during the national anthem.
  12. Do not degrade game officials.
  13. Dressing or undressing in front of crowds is prohibited.
  14. Do not use lewd or obscene gestures.
  15. Be aware of the limitations of the costume.
  16. Drink plenty of water during and after performances.
  17. Use extreme caution when entertaining children.
  18. Notify staff upon return of costum if cleaning is needed.
  • Violations of these guidelines will result in loss of privileges.