Pack-Outs (Bon Ap)

Due to our sustainability efforts, group “pack-outs” are not allowed inside Buntrock Commons due to the excessive waste created.  Pack-outs are intended to be taken away from Buntrock.  Work with the catering department to best serve your groups’ needs.

All catering inside Buntrock Commons is to be provided by Bon Appetit. Custom menu design is Bon Appetit’s specialty, and they are happy to create original menus for any occasion. Please contact Bon Appetit at 507-786-3050 as soon as you know of your catering needs.

The only general exception to this rule are events in the Mane Stage.  Events held in the Mane Stage (and other BC spaces) can be served by the Lion’s Pause kitchen.  If neither the Pause kitchen or Bon Ap can provide the menu items desired, Bon Ap management has the ‘first right of refusal’.  Sponsoring organizations are responsible for contacting the General Manager for permission to bring in vendors.

Complete the 2017 Pack-out form to place an order.