TV Displays Around Campus

Upload a graphic file or use one of the easy templates to Tightrope. One per event. There is a two week limit for each bulletin.

Roll Paper Signs

Poster Room, Buntrock Commons 108J

For all recognized student organizations and residence hall programs, roll paper and supplies are available in the Poster Room. The Poster Room key is available for check-out in the Office of Student Activities, Buntrock Commons 107 between 8 am and 5 pm.  Student organizations may create a limit of 2 roll paper signs (one for the Caf and one above the P.O.s) for each event. Student organizations can also make posters in the poster room for tabling. These signs will be a maximum 30″ by 30″, which is marked on the poster making tables. All roll paper signs created for the Buntrock Commons are to be date stamped by the Office of Student Activities (hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm). The posters are given a date stamp for a 7 day hanging time and after this date, the posters must be removed.

Tall Rolling Bulletin Boards

Buntrock Commons has a small amount of tall rolling bulletin boards for organizations and departments to reserve for use. For example, organizations and departments have used the boards to advertise celebration weeks or other week-long programming, among other things. Reserve a tall bulletin board on R25, filtering by “Buntrock Display & Tabling Spaces” in the right menu and reserve one of the Tall Board options.

Posters in Residence Halls

If you would like posters for events posted in residence halls, deliver them to the Residence Life office (in Tomson Hall).  Staff will put up 2 posters per hall. There are 11 halls.

Posters in Honor Houses

Deliver them to the Residence Life office (in Tomson Hall). They will distribute no more than 2 posters per house. There are 19 houses.

Publicity Trivia

  • 3000ish Full-time students
  • 1300 Residence hall rooms on campus
  • 19 Honor/Academic Service Houses
  • 5 Community Assistants
  • 27 Academic departments
  • 5 Area Coordinators
  • 11 Residence halls
  • 17 Academic buildings
  • 200+ Student Organizations
  • 17 Student government executives
  • 22 Student senators
  • 1500 Student PO’s

Sidewalk Chalking

Do not write over or interfere with any other chalking. Place in areas where the elements can get to it for removal. Notices placed under awnings, on steps, or places that custodial staff must clean subject the organization to being charged for removal. Use good judgment for content and list an event sponsor.