Use the “Travel Expense Report/Employee Reimbursement” form for reimbursements to any St. Olaf employee or student.

  • Must list unit number.
  • Attach detailed receipts (itemized).
  • SOC student orgs can reimburse up to (but not to exceed) $.25 p/mile. (per SOC guidelines).
  • Volunteer Network (VN) orgs can be reimbursed up to $.50 p/mile
  • The federal mileage reimbursement rate beginning January 1, 2017 is $.535 per mile; Airport run: $40.00 round trip.

Bring completed form and attachments to either the Office of Student Activities. The documents will be examined and the org cash balance will be checked. If there are sufficient funds in the account, the expenditure will be approved and the request can be taken to the Business Office. Approvers for expenditures are the Director of Student Activities, Assistant Director of Student Activities, and the SGA Financial Officer.