Room Reservations

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To schedule a table in Buntrock Commons:

Reserve a table through the R25 system and filter by “Buntrock Display & Tabling Spaces” in the right menu. Note:  BC Cage Tabling 1 is the one located by the cage level stairs.

Student orgs can reserve up to 2 days/week

For a full set of instructions and tips for scheduling in Buntrock Commons please see this training powerpoint

To schedule most rooms and spaces on campus:

All reservations must be submitted electronically through the R25 system.

Need help? Check out this PowerPoint and learn how to use R25.

Student orgs can reserve meetings up to once a week in Buntrock

Sound reinforcement in Boe Chapel

Facilities work order (to move podiums, bring risers, chairs, etc.)

Boe Capacity: 800 using the main floor pews and extra chairs set up. Add 150 if balcony is open.

To schedule The Pause:

Lion’s Pause Mane Stage , Lair, Den, and Jungle. Questions? Email or call 507-786-2968.


Skoglund/Tostrud/athletic spaces: Questions? Judy Tegtmeyer or call 507-786-3989

For Residence Halls, visit the Residence Halls page