Student Org Privileges & Responsibilities

Student organizations have become a core activity in the robust student life program at St. Olaf. Along with the opportunities that come with membership, there are reasonable expectations that must be understood and adhered to as well. As such, organizations, as well as individuals, are subject to the following privileges and responsibilities.

Student org privileges:

  • College facilities at no charge (meetings in Buntrock max 1/week)
  • College services (print center, post office, media center) via Org Department Card
  • Buntrock table reservations (in front of the Cage and Stav) at no charge (max of 2 days/week)
  • Ability to apply for funds from Student Government Association: SOC, VN, or DISC
  • Ability to apply for Donate-A-Meal or Donate-Flex-Dollars
  • Keeping all club funds in campus system; assistance with financial matters
  • Ability to check out a credit card for club business, upon completion of training
  • Campus vehicle rental, upon completion of license check and training
  • The use of St. Olaf College in the name of the club, when appropriate
  • The complementary use of the Poster Room, BC 108
  • Space at Student Organization fairs throughout the year
  • Occasional fundraising opportunities via campus offices
  • Post Office box for club
  • 20% discount at St. Olaf Bookstore when using Department Card
  • Ability to advertise on-campus for org events
  • Assistance from the Office of Student Activities, Sports Club Coordinator, SGA, and other campus departments, as needed

Student Org Responsibilities:

  • Become familiar with all items in the online Student Org Handbook
  • Provide activities open to the entire St. Olaf community
  • Provide and maintain current officer and advisor contact information annually, in Presence
  • Participate in training, when offered
  • Be familiar with web resources for student organizations
  • Become familiar with Lawson accounting system; monitor club budget to ensure positive balance
  • Represent St. Olaf College to the best of their ability both on-campus and off
  • Orgs should be student-run, student-led, and student initiated
  • Faculty, staff, alumni, and the partners of students, faculty, staff, and alumni of St. Olaf College may participate in the activities and programs of student organizations as associate members, but may not comprise more than 10% of the total membership
  • Maintain and provide SOC with updated constitution and bylaws as needed
  • Maintain and provide SOC, VN, and/or Sports Club Coordinator with current roster of members
    VN orgs shall actively participate in community service; record, and report service hours to VN on monthly basis
  • Have one St. Olaf faculty or staff member serving as official advisor of club. Off-campus advisors can be secondary advisors, provided they complete the St. Olaf online trainings on Understanding and Preventing Sexual Violence
  • Complete required paperwork and training if working with individuals under the age of 18.

Suspension of activities may result in:

  • Loss or complete revocation of privileges (listed above)
  • Freezing of college assets – all funds held in Lawson until the matter is resolved
  • Cancellation of upcoming events/contracts
  • Sanctions via the Dean of Students office

Affiliated organizations with off-campus advisors:

  • Community and/or clergy leaders must complete a successful background check with St. Olaf College; cost applied to affiliated student organization
  • Must complete the St. Olaf online module on Understanding and Preventing Sexual Violence
  • Must become familiar with all student organization policies, including (but not limited to) hazing, event planning, room reservations, and financial procedures
  • Religious organization staff must establish a relationship with the College Pastors and be willing to meet, upon request
  • Organizations or activities led by non-St. Olaf employees, or employees acting in a capacity not related to their work, must make it clear in all promotional materials that the activities are student-sponsored and not official College events.