Student Org Travel Overview

Student orgs are welcome to travel on behalf of the college for club purposes, if their budget allows. Students are expected to behave in a matter befitting a St. Olaf student and represent the College in its best light. Students should be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the college.

Staff/advisors are not required to travel with orgs nor are they prohibited. Each department may have its own policy about accompanying students. It is strongly encouraged that advisors know as much about the trip as possible.


Organizations wishing to travel domestically must complete this form.

In addition, each trip participant must complete this waiver.

Trip leaders: please collect these waivers and bring to the Office of Student Activities, BC 108, prior to departure.


There are many special circumstances that surround student org travel and reimbursement – please contact Student Activities prior to travel to make sure things are done the most efficient way possible.

Using/Reserving Vehicles

St. Olaf has a fleet of vehicles which are available for official business of the college. These are available to faculty, staff and recognized student organizations. Click on the above link for more information.


International travel is a little more complicated, but still possible.  Check the US State Department list of travel warning countries.

If the destination is NOT a US State Department Travel Warning Country, please complete the same Trip Itinerary Form as domestic trips, and each participant will complete the INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION.

If it IS a Travel Warning Country, go here. The permission request form must be submitted 3 months prior to travel.


St. Olaf Travel Policy can be read, in detail, here.