Student Organization Funding

Student Organizations Committee, Office of Student Activities, Buntrock 107

Jennifer Halko, x3999

The Student Government Association makes special funding available to officially recognized student organizations through two channels: SOC co-sponsorships. There are two different types of funds that are mutually exclusive:

Grants are financial gifts that help pay for a standing activity or campaign run by an organization or the purchase of durable goods and other capital. Grants are not awarded for one-time events or purchases of temporary materials.

Co-sponsorship Funds assist groups that organize one-time special events, such as conferences, speakers, or trips.

The two-part process is: 1) complete application paperwork and 2) a short, 10-minute interview with the SOC committee (to be scheduled once form is turned in). At that interview, orgs should plan to present information and materials that will help the committee better understand the event or items that you would like the SOC to fund. The SOC holds no obligation to grant full or partial funding for the program or items that your organization plans.

Student orgs are expected to fundraise as part of operation.  Fundraising efforts are part of SOC’s consideration when evaluating the funding request. Because over 200 student organizations are eligible to apply for funds, SOC has the responsibility to make their budget stretch to benefit the most amount of students possible. It is not realistic to expect 100% funding for each and every club’s proposal.

SOC funds are not used to bring St. Olaf student organizations out of debt.

Applications are available in and should be returned to the Office of Student Activities by Mondays at 5pm in order to be considered at the weekly SOC mtg.