Student Stipends

All students stipends are disbursed through the Financial Aid Office. Due to this, students will never be able to receive a stipend in cash. It must be disbursed onto their student account. If it creates a credit on their account (because they had already paid their bill), they will be able to withdraw the money in cash/direct deposit at that time. If a student has not yet paid their bill, it will apply towards any charges on the student account similar to a scholarship or grant a student may be already receiving as part of their financial aid award. A student will not be able to withdraw the funds in this scenario.

In 95% of cases, a stipend will not affect a student’s prior financial aid award. There are times where it may, but these situations are rare and should be handled in an individual appointment with the Financial Aid Office. We will always work to do what’s best for the student, but do have to follow federal rules and regulations.

The form to request a student stipend can be found here . As with all student org financial requests, it must be signed and stamped in the Office of Student Activities before it will be processed.