Table Reservations – Tabling

Tables cannot be set up during Homecoming and Family Weekend, Commencement Weekend, and the week of Christmas Festival.

On-Campus Organizations or Departments

  • An on-campus organization or department wanting a table in the Buntrock Commons for advertising, ticket sales, recruitment or fundraising should use R25 to reserve a table, filtering by “Buntrock Display & Tabling Spaces” in right menu. Note:  BC Cage Tabling 1 is the one located by the Cage-level stairs up to the Caf.
  • Questions? Contact Nancy Stuckmayer, Buntrock 007, 507-786-3017
  • Reservations for a table should be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
  • First-come basis. Maximum of 2 days p/week, unless special permission granted.
  • Individuals are limited to once per week.
  • An organization can reserve one table at a time.
  • Student Organizations: If you are tabling for a fundraiser, please fill out this fundraising request form and check out this helpful fundraising info.
  • If you are handing out food that is NOT provided by Bon App or the Pause, please fill out this request to have outside food. If you are selling outside food, just fill out the fundraising request form.

Off-Campus Organizations or Businesses

Off-campus organizations or businesses must be coordinated and paid through the Campus/Conferences Office, 507-786-3042.

Complete policy on Tabling and vendors can be found here.