Many of you have already noticed something new this year at Rolvaag Library, rolling around and at various bike racks around campus, and although you may already be acquainted please allow me to officially introduce you to the new Green Bikes program!
The Green Bikes Mechanics team is proud to present the new Rolvaag Checkout Fleet for use by anyone in the St. Olaf community as part of the campus transportation infrastructure. These 19 bikes are available for speeding you to class on time, down to Northfield and Carleton or further out of town for fun and exercise.
Checking out a bike is simple. Five easy steps:

Please, sign a waiver at the Rolvaag circulation desk.

All users must sign a waiver before riding, and re-sign each semester. You may not ride or check out a bike without registering in our user base by signing a waiver, but it’s quick and simple.

  1. Get the checkout kit for your bike and get a helmet in your size from the circulation desk.
  2. The checkout kit includes instructions, lights and the key to the lock in a zippy bag.
  3.  Get on your bike and ride! Green Bikes reside in the new two-level rack outside the library doors. Find yours, unlock it and then take the lock with you.
    • You are responsible for keeping your bike safe and locked up whenever you are not riding it.
    • You will be fined for the full retail cost of any lost, stolen or destroyed Green Bike.
  4. Respect! Sidewalks are crowded, give people who are walking the right-of-way especially when they have dogs, strollers or young children. Use the neat bell, just to let people know you’re there. We, the mechanics, recommend that you become comfortable riding in the road and obeying traffic laws, where motorists expect to see you. No one anticipates 20mph traffic on a sidewalk, so don’t surprise them. Use the lights- especially when it is just beginning to get dark. Long shadows at twilight can make you practically disappear.
  5. Finally, the three Rs:
    • Return your bike safe, and lock it securely to the bike rack (pass the cable through the bike’s frame and through the rack).
    • Return your helmet and checkout kit to the circulation desk workers in Rolvaag.
    • Report any mechanical problems or damage to the desk workers so that the mechanics can fix it. If the bike is found to be badly damaged and you were the last to use it, but did not report it, you may be fined for the cost of the repair

Please note:

You may search The Bridge for “Green Bike”

There are several sizes of bikes:

  • 15″ (Bikes 1-5) Best for people 5-foot 8-inches and shorter
  • 17.5″ (Bikes 6-13) Best for people between 5′-8″ and 5′-10″
  • 20″ (Bikes 14-19) Best for anyone taller than 5′-10″

By searching The Bridge you can see what bikes are available in your size. You can check out whichever bike you please, but we expect that you’ll notice how having a bike that fits you makes cycling easier, more comfortable and faster.

You may have also noticed the new green bike-mechanic stands that are all over campus, with tools and handy air pumps. Not sure how to use them? Have you noticed that a bike in good condition is the only bike that’s fun (and safe) to ride?

Green Bikes is a student-run org, if you are interested in learning more about how to work on bikes, riding for transportation and fun then this is your student org! Our mission is to make cycling a fun and functional skill for members of the St. Olaf community. Mechanical skills and ridership skills are important for anyone who wants to feel confident and independent as a cyclist, and we seek ways to share those with anyone who wants to learn. Have other skills and want to apply them? Volunteers with an interest in graphic design, accounting and marketing are always welcome.

Sign up for the alias by going to the “Account Services” link on the homepage.

The members of the Green Bikes leadership may be contacted at