Scheduling Guidelines Summary

  1. Major college-wide events that require a long lead time may be scheduled beginning June 1 of the academic year prior to the event. This category includes, but is not necessarily limited to: meetings of the Board of Regents; Admissions open houses, scholarship, and fine arts scholars events; college-sponsored conferences (e.g., Globalization Conference, Peace Prize Forum); Week One; Faculty Meetings; Homecoming/Family Weekend; Christmas Festival; Commencement; Reunion Weekend; Residence Life room draw; Syttende Mai.
  2. Except for items listed above, rooms are scheduled semester by semester, not a year at a time. (See below: Calendar of Room Scheduling)
    1. Each semester, once the class/lab schedule is “finalized” for the following term, the Registrar’s Office schedules all courses into appropriate classrooms.
    2. Once the Registrar’s Office has scheduled courses for a given term, authority for scheduling is transferred to the Scheduling Office in Buntrock, and units work through that office to schedule other events or series of events.
    3. During a period of time following the scheduling of courses but prior to the scheduling of individual events, all college units are given the opportunity to schedule recurring (e.g., weekly, monthly) meetings for the next academic term. This may include, for example, department meetings, meetings of faculty committees such as the Curriculum Committee, and so forth.
  3. Priority is given to St. Olaf courses and events over external events. Every attempt is made to accommodate the needs of a unit within the context of the overall needs of the campus. No unit receives special treatment.
  4. In the summer, the Conferences Directors schedule events immediately after summer school courses are scheduled. In scheduling summer courses, all efforts are made to schedule a smaller number of rooms throughout the day so as to make more rooms available for other uses as needed. Care is taken to take into account the needs of undergraduate summer research, for which the needs for rooms can be somewhat fluid.
  5. The Scheduling Advisory Group (representatives from IIT, Buntrock scheduling office, Registrar’s Office) determines the time frame for scheduling of classes, of recurring meetings, such as weekly department meetings, and, finally, of individual events, and publicizes those dates (see below). This group also confers with the Buntrock scheduling office in cases where there is a competing request for the same space.