Are you interested in joining Science Conversation? Please consider registering! For 2022-2023 SciCon will be open enrollment on SIS. That means that if you are interested, and willing to commit to 3 classes (SciCon 213 in Fall, SciCon 215 in Interim and SciCon 217 in Spring), you can sign up.

Up to 24 students will be admitted into Sci Con annually, with the participation of 3 faculty.

We seek students from a broad background of interests and potential majors, from art appreciators to book lovers to science enthusiasts, to create the next Sci Con cohort. The conversation can only be a full conversation when a variety of experiences and voices participate, so help us build the next Sci Con community!

If you are especially interested and want to pre-register, please contact the Director Prof. Jeremy Loebach (loebach@stolaf.edu) or fill out the form below to start the conversation!

Pre-registration Process & Admission Procedure

All students who will be sophomores next academic year are invited to register for the Science Conversation on SIS during the open registration period. We strive for the broadest possible mix of backgrounds and interests, which is why we eliminated the application process for this year.
Ideal students will have the potential to benefit from and contribute to…
> a seminar style, discussion-based learning environment
> a primary texts approach
> an interdisciplinary perspective
Students who are especially interested may contact Prof. Loebach to discuss pre-registration for the program in advance of registration in the spring.