“Coming from a scientific background already, Sci Con was a way for me to take a step back and learn about the broad origins of scientific thought, ethics, and, in some cases, how arbitrary some cornerstone theories about scientific investigation and education are! I was able to scrutinize things I had just taken for granted before, which will stay in the back of my mind as I pursue a career in this field.”
Miranda, Biology major, Environmental Studies concentrator
“Sci Con for me was a great way to explore the humanity of science within a tight-knit group of conversationalists and science-lovers. I’ll never forget our lively discussions on the Darwinian Revolution, Thomas Kuhn, and theology. The program taught me to critically engage with the many scientific worldviews and find out for myself what science really is.”
Evan, Physics and Math major
“When I joined Science Con, I knew I would enjoy the material, but the program has completely changed and shaped how I see everything I do for school and in my everyday life. Studying the intersections between science, religion, and society was not only intriguing, but also made me more confident in my intended majors. Being on the pre-med track, it gave me a level of understanding and consideration for other perspectives in wider cultural contexts that will be extremely valuable to have in the healthcare field.”
Isabella, Biology and Psychology major, Pre-Med track
“Sci Con is such a lovely opportunity for STEM majors to get out of Regents and learn how our lab work connects with the ‘real world.’  Sometimes we get too caught up in our work to realize its implications on other disciplines!”
Olivia, Biology and Psychology major, Neuroscience concentrator
“Taking Science Con allowed me to reevaluate my knowledge of science in broader contexts outside of a ‘typical’ STEM course. Science Con is unlike any class I’ve taken during my time at St. Olaf, and makes my college experience stand out while applying to postgraduate opportunities. The professors are fantastic and it’s nice to interact with peers who you wouldn’t normally meet in your major classes.”
Emily, Psychology Major, Neuroscience Concentrator
“Sci Con opened new ways of thinking about science and related it to other fields. This was especially interesting to me, as it created opportunities for unique discussions.”
Sandra, history and biology major
“I am glad I decided to join Science Con because it was a challenge for me to step out of my comfort zone. The experience helped me see a different side to learning about science with opportunities of a creative challenge to add pieces of my art into the assignments.”
 Lissie, Chinese, studio art, Asian studies major
“As a music major, I joined Science Con to further my already little understanding of the sciences. Science has always been something that I was interested in but it wasn’t until I joined Science Con that I found out how little I actually knew. Science Con is more than just a regular class, it is combined with a group of people what thoroughly want and enjoy talking about what lies beneath the stereotypical ideal of science. Science Con is not just for science majors which is something I learned very quickly when joining. I found that every subject we talked about in Science Con could relate to vast amount of disciplines, including the arts, which is why joining Science Con was one of the best decisions I ever made.”
Sam, B.M. Piano Performance Major