Employment Forms

Students cannot start work until the appropriate employment forms have been completed and received by Human Resources. The electronic forms can be found below. Paper copies are available in the HR office. Please note, the I-9 form will need to be completed in person with an HR or Payroll representative.

I-9 Employment


Complete and return to Human Resources BEFORE beginning work.

Federal W-4 Tax


Necessary to calculate withholding for federal taxes.


Authorization Form

Complete to specify where to receive work earnings.

I-9 List of Acceptable

Forms of ID

Original, unexpired identification must be presented. Photocopies or images on a phone do not qualify.

Minnesota W-4 Tax


Required only for those who claim exempt on the Federal W-4 form.

W-2 Wage and Tax

Statement Opt-In

Receive your W-2 form electronically by opting in via the Employee Self-Service portal.