First-Year Heritage Scholars

Dance performance at the 2019 Taylor Center Open House


What to Expect

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We provide opportunities for students in the program to connect within and outside of The Hill with individuals and spaces that intentionally create authentic communities and present the diversity within our communities.



Students participate in workshops that enhance their development as students, leaders and community members. The workshops are led by professionals and leaders in diverse communities adding an additional layer of mentorship and role modeling. 

2021 HS


We intentionally work with faculty and staff whose main goal is to support multicultural students by providing initiatives, research opportunities, and engagement through the arts and sciences. These programs explore the potential of students by integrating their identities into every aspect of the work.  Students choose a mentor in a way that is organic and connected to who they are and who they want to be.

2021HS Ambassadors


First-Year Heritage Scholars are multicultural upper class students who work closely with a cohort of incoming domestic multicultural students to enhance their sense of belonging, provide resources and opportunities, and guide as they navigate the College culture and different opportunities.