Taylor Center Celebrations

Honoring You

The Taylor Center hosts various events throughout the year to celebrate your ‘awesomeness factor.’ We hope you’ll join us!

Taylor Center Senior Celebrations

These events provide a sense of community for underrepresented students who often experience tremendous culture shock, systematic and institutional discrimination. For many students this celebratory events are the culmination of their hard work, staying in school, and friends and families find the smaller, more culturally specific ceremonies both meaningful and personal. Through these recognition underrepresented students leave the College with a positive lasting experience and are encourage to become mentors and roles models for current students.


Opening Reception

The Taylor Center Opening Reception is an opportunity for incoming and current students, staff and faculty to connect or reconnect with the Center at the beginning of each academic year. It is a time to celebrate the work and the excitement the new academic year brings. The event is characterized by the community engagement and opportunities to explore new ways to do the work of diversity, equity and inclusion. The event typically occurs during the first week of classes. We hope to see you there!