Withdrawal from the College; Readmission

Withdrawal from the college

Students withdrawing from the college for any reason should discuss the proper checkout procedures with the appropriate dean in the Dean of Students Office.

Failure to follow the official withdrawal procedure through the dean of students office will result in failing grades for the term.

Readmission to the college (after having withdrawn)

Students who have voluntarily withdrawn for personal and/or medical reasons or have been academically dismissed must submit a letter seeking readmission to the dean of students. If a withdrawal was granted for medical reasons, additonal documentation may be requested from health care professionals verifying the student is medically fit to return.

Students who enroll at other institutions during their absence from St. Olaf must so indicate in their letter seeking readmission. Official academic transcripts of such work must be forwarded to the St. Olaf College registrar.

Students seeking readmission for the Fall Semester should initiate the process before March 1 if they wish to participate in the room draw process. The entire readmission process must be completed and the reservation payment paid to the Business Office before the official due date in early March.

For more information email readmission.

Please see the St. Olaf College Academic Catalog for additional information.