Intra-Student Government

Student groups are free to organize and regulate their own activities within the limits set forth by college policy. The specific roles appropriate for each of the intra-student organizations are specified by the constitutions of these bodies.

Each student is a member of the St. Olaf College student community and may participate in the election of its officers.

The St. Olaf Student Senate, composed of elected student representatives, is the official student government on campus. It represents the interests of the St. Olaf College student community, overseeing student-related affairs.

Copies of the St. Olaf Student Senate Constitution are available in the student activities office and the dean of students office.

The Residence Hall Council plays a significant governing role in the shaping of residential life. Membership is determined by elections held in the fall. The hall councils meet regularly to review the needs and concerns of hall residents.

Administrative Hearings and the Honor Council (in conjunction with a College Judiciary and a College Appeals Board) are the primary bodies for hearing discipline cases involving students.

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