Peaceable Assembly Policy

St. Olaf College recognizes and affirms that free intellectual inquiry, debate, and constructive dialogue are vital to our mission.  The College is committed to allowing community members the ability to express themselves, assemble, protest, and voice their dissent; and to making its facilities and grounds available for these activities.

St. Olaf Prohibits:

  • Disruption or obstruction of teaching, performance, research, administration, other college activities including its public service functions on- or off-campus or other authorized non-college activities when the act occurs on college premises.
  • Participation in a campus demonstration which disrupts the normal operations of the college and infringes on the rights of other members of the college community; leading or inciting others to disrupt scheduled and/or normal activities within any campus building or area.
  • Intentional obstruction which unreasonably interferes with freedom of movement, either pedestrian or vehicular, on campus.

St. Olaf Code of Conduct Article VI;  7, 8, and 9

If an event or essential operation is disrupted by a group or individual, a representative of the College may request the action to stop or ask the person or group to leave the event or area and move to another location.  Those who fail to leave when asked are in violation of the College’s policy. These violations may result in College discipline. Disruption may also result in arrest and criminal charges such as disorderly conduct or trespass.

St. Olaf College regularly invites the public to attend events on campus and welcomes their engagement within the same guidelines expected of St. Olaf students and employees.   Any individual or group who disrupts an event or essential operation and is unwilling to respect College policy or to comply with the requests of College officials will be asked to leave St. Olaf property. Failure to comply may result in arrest for unlawful trespass or other criminal violations.

Use of Space

St. Olaf College buildings and grounds are intended for use by students, faculty, staff and guests in support of the College’s mission.   Individuals, groups or organizations may use College facilities and grounds in accordance with established policies and guidelines.

Examples of events and activities covered by this policy include but are not limited to:

  • Meetings and other group activities of student organizations;
  • Meetings hosted by, or led by staff and faculty.
  • Facility rentals, tabling, and other uses of campus spaces by approved non-St Olaf groups.
  • Speeches, performances and other events by outside individuals or groups invited by recognized student organizations; and
  • Demonstrations, protests, rallies, vigils, assemblies, and other activities.

When an unscheduled activity conflicts with an event which was previously scheduled for the same time and space, the unscheduled activity shall be allowed to continue in its existing location until it needs to be relocated to allow for the prior scheduled activity or preparations for it.

  • Amplified music or microphones which significantly interferes with other uses of the building, is prohibited.
  • Distribution of materials such as leaflets may not be confrontational and must allow people to decline to receive the materials.
  • Organizers must remove all items and materials at the end of the demonstration.
  • Demonstrators are not allowed to use intimidating tactics or unwelcome physical contact between demonstrators, counter demonstrators, the audience, the speaker or performers, or College officials.
  • The use of public streets for parades for demonstrations is subject to local laws and requires approval of the Northfield Police Department.

Posting Policy

All postings must comply with the St. Olaf Posting Policy.

The desire of St. Olaf College is to promote intellectual inquiry and exchange in a respectful and civil manner. The safety of all participants is of utmost importance to St. Olaf, and these and other posted policies may be enacted to ensure safety during planned or impromptu College events.