Misuse of Telephones and Cable TV

Harassment by Telephone

It is a crime under both federal and state law for anyone to make obscene or harassing telephone calls. These laws have penalties of imprisonment and/or a fine, in addition to possible St. Olaf disciplinary action and a fine of $100 per occurrence.

Unauthorized Use of Authorization Codes

Attempts to bypass the long distance billing system, unauthorized use of someone’s authorization code, and/or damage to telephone equipment, wiring or jacks are subject to a $100 fine per occurrence, loss of long distance privileges, and possible St. Olaf disciplinary action.

Code Deactivation

If bills are not paid within the prescribed time limits, your authorization code will be deactivated. Each time your authorization code is deactivated, there will be a $25 charge to reactivate it.

Illegal Cable Use

Unauthorized connection or use of cable television is a felony. This type of use will result in a $100 fine per occurrence, and a charge of $15 for each month’s use per person and possible St. Olaf disciplinary action.