Voter Registration

To qualify for voting, voters must be United States citizens who are 18 or older by Election Day and have been residents of the state of Minnesota for 20 days or more. Students cannot register in more than one place, so a choice must be made between registering in Northfield or the student’s hometown.

Registering to Vote and Voting in Northfield

To facilitate voting procedure, students who wish to vote in Northfield are encouraged to register 20 days or more in advance of an election day. They may do so by filling out a Voter Registration Card available on campus prior to the election, or at the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall, 801 Washington Street, Northfield. Students living on campus should use the number “0” to designate their house number, then list the name of the residence building they currently live in (registration must be updated each time a student moves to a new residence building) and the name of the college. For example, a student living in Hoyme Hall would list “0 Hoyme Hall St. Olaf College” as their street address. Students living off-campus should use their Northfield street address when registering. Under “If mail cannot be delivered…” put the school’s address (1500 St. Olaf Avenue.)

An eligible voter who has not registered before the election may register at the polls on Election Day.

Polls in Northfield are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The St. Olaf College campus is located in Ward 2, Precinct 3, and Ward 3, Precinct 1.

Absentee Balloting and Voting in Student Hometowns

Students who wish to vote in their hometowns by absentee ballot are encouraged to make arrangements early in order to receive and return an absentee ballot from their home district.  Absentee ballot information can be found here.

Students from Minnesota may request absentee ballots from their home County. Contacts vary across the State, but an initial call to county government offices should direct students to the correct office.  Ballots must be returned to the place from which they were received by the Election Day.

Students from out of state should follow directions from their State governments.  A website listing all of the Secretary’s of State homepages can be found here.