Policy on Postings

All materials posted on the St. Olaf campus must comply with campus regulations.

The purpose of our policy for posting notices is to:

  • Facilitate communication for members of the St. Olaf community.
  • Avoid excessive posting in order to support the sustainability of our campus.
  • Avoid fire and safety hazards and maintenance costs.

Posters/Flyers in Designated Areas

General Guidelines:
  • The event date(s) and contact information for the group or individual posting the material must be included on all posters and flyers.
  • Recognized student organizations and college departments/offices are allowed to post.
  • Community postings are allowed if sponsor is listed, no reference to alcohol sales/specials, and in designated areas only.
  • Posters and flyers cannot be posted over other posters and flyers.
  • Posters should not include images or statements that are obscene, profane, threatening, libelous, unlawfully harassing or discriminatory, or otherwise a violation of law or college policy.
  • Posters should cite sources of any images, data, quotes, etc.
  • There is a maximum 7-day hanging time.
  • Un-staffed comment boxes or bulletin boards encouraging anonymous suggestions are not permitted.
  • All members of the St. Olaf community are expected to respect signs/posters/flyers and the people who put them up.
    • Do not tear down signs for current events.
    • Do not deface signs/posters/flyers in any way.
    • Do not intentionally cover up signs/posters/flyers.
    • Questions about or objections to the content of signs/posters/flyers should be directed to the Dean of Students Office.
Permitted Sizes and Specifications:
  • 8.5″ x 11″, 11″ x 17″, or 8.5″ x 14″ signs are allowed.
  • Pushpins are encouraged for posting; they are located near the top of each area.
  • Tape is not permitted except on the balcony railing of the Stav Dining Room. (Only tape supplied by the Office of Student Activities is allowed for these hangings.)
  • Limited to 3 per event or group in Buntrock Commons; 1 per event or group in residence halls and all other campus buildings.
  • Designated bulletin boards only (see list of areas in Buntrock Commons).
  • Buntrock Commons has a limited number of tall rolling bulletin boards for organizations and departments to reserve for use (see guidelines and reservation information).
  • Paper roll signs can only be hung on the bulletin strips above the PO area and on the railings in Stav Dining Room (see guidelines).
  • Indoor walkways between Buntrock Commons and Boe Memorial Chapel and Rolvaag Memorial Library can also be reserved for postering by recognized student groups on campus (see guidelines and reservation information).
  • Chalking on sidewalks is permissible, but it is not allowed on buildings and walls (see guidelines).
Political/Other Groups:
  • Political postings are permitted, but they must list the sponsoring recognized campus group.
  • On-campus election campaigns (i.e., Student Government) must follow SGA Election policies.
  • Any postings advocating a particular issue must also identify the sponsoring group(s).

Posting spaces will be updated daily/weekly. All postings will be recycled.

No-Post Areas

Notices may not be posted on walls, windows, doors, partitions, lockers, mailboxes, woodwork, elevators, restrooms, classrooms, or other structural features of campus buildings.

Notices posted outside of authorized areas will be removed. A repair fee may be assessed if surfaces are damaged or if facility staff members have to spend time removing tape or other adhesive residue from glass, wood, paint, furniture, etc.