Student Media Organizations

All student media offices are located in the Buntrock Commons. Policies governing student media groups can be found here .

Manitou Messenger

The Manitou Messenger is the newspaper published by students for the St. Olaf College community. It is the medium for announcing and reporting campus-related events and expressing student and faculty opinions.

QUARRY – The St. Olaf Literary Arts Magazine

The St. Olaf Literary Arts Magazine is the publication of the creative arts at St. Olaf College. It stimulates and solicits creative work from students and faculty members, as well as other sources.

Viking Yearbook

The Viking, the college yearbook, is published annually and distributed to undergraduates and subscribers early in Fall Semester. Students with an interest in design, photography, copyrighting, business or advertising are welcome to join the staff. Those with prior experience are also encouraged to apply their talents.

The Viking is published to record and reflect life at St. Olaf College.


KSTO is the student radio station for St. Olaf College. Its broadcasts include music, athletic events, community service announcements, and taped programs from college and outside sources. KSTO is student run and operated and encourages and welcomes all interested students to help in its management.

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