Headset and Microphone Settings

Choose the appropriate operating system and then follow the instructions to set up a microphone and/or headset.

For recording a Moodle audio / video assignments, Quicktime can be used:

Moodle Video Assignments using Quicktime – Instructions for Students

Adding Audio to PowerPoint

Powerpoint-Mac-LogoIncorporating audio into a PowerPoint presentation can be an excellent tool for language learning. If you plan to add a large audio file or a long recording ( > 15 minutes), follow these instructions to make sure your PowerPoint and audio files stay connected even when you move them to new locations:
Adding Audio Recording to PowerPoint (Mac)
Adding Audio Recording to PowerPoint (Windows)

Instructions for

The following set of instructions are for language courses that utilize the MyLanguageLabs website ( for class materials and assignments. This website requires Firefox or Internet Explorer, pop-up windows, the newest versions of Java and Adobe Flash Player, and a headset/microphone. For detailed instructions and troubleshooting help, choose the operating system (Mac or Windows) and the compatible browser you wish to use:


MyLanguageLabs Instructions -Firefox (Mac)



MyLanguageLabs Instructions – Firefox (Windows)
MyLanguageLabs Instructions – Internet Explorer (Windows)


iPad Instructions

Enabling iPad Screen Recording with Audio
Voice Record Instructions – iPad
Spark Video Instructions
Book Creator Instructions