Viola Rossing Prize

The Viola Rossing Prize is an award intended to recognize excellence in the scholarship and creative work of senior Gender and Sexuality Studies majors or concentrators.

Projects can take a variety of forms, much like the Distinction process. They include:

  • a single, scholarly essay.
  • a portfolio of course essays, or a combination of scholarly, creative, and/or activist artifacts.
  • a digital project, which can be a scholarly piece or a creative project.
  • a creative project (creative writing, visual art, performance, or an event). If not a written project, submission must include documentation of the creative act, e.g., photographs, invitations and flyers, sample artwork.

This prize differs from Distinction in these ways:

  • Faculty as well as students may submit senior student papers or projects for Prize consideration.
  • Concentrators as well as majors are eligible.
  • Groups as well as individuals may apply.
  • Submitted projects do not have to be expanded from their original form (though students are welcome to revise and expand).
  • Faculty do not advise students on these submissions.
  • There is no GPA requirement for this Prize.

Submit projects for the Rossing Prize to the Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies via email by April 15. A two-person faculty committee will review the projects and announce its decisions by May 1. Simultaneous Distinction and Rossing Prize awards are possible.