Dance Video Galleries

During the 2009-2010 academic year, the Dance Department began the multi-year, multi-pronged project of digitizing our video collection for archival purposes. Some of these performances and events are also being uploaded for streamed viewing.

As of May 2013, more than 850 pieces/events, spanning four decades, have been digitized and are somewhere along their way to being filed, uploaded, linked to a webpage, and/or input to a database for future reference and retrieval.

We hope you enjoy watching St. Olaf College Dance Department performances and events via these online videos.

Please use this form to send us missing or incorrect program information, or alert us to broken links for any of our videos.

Project Manager: Anthony Roberts, Artist in Residence in Dance
Project Staff: St. Olaf students, primarily dance majors (thank you, thank you!)
Project Consultants/Technical Support: Office of Broadcast / Media Services, notably Joshua Wyatt and Jeffrey O’Donnell; Information Technology, notably Dan Beach, Webmaster

2021 – 2030