Videos: 2009-2010

We hope you enjoy watching St. Olaf College Dance Department performances and events via these online videos.
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First Glimpse Concert
October 16, 2009

First Glimpse Concert

Fresh Space: Migration
November 7, 2009

Say It Right
Follow Me Through
Lonely People
Run Around
Red Dawn
Searching the Solo
The PRYDE is back!
Forestry 215: Sept 10-Nov 5!

Senior Dance Concert: _______ (in) flight
December 10-12, 2009

Cross-Cultural Implications of the Male Gaze in Dance
Finding The Proof
Her Daughter Will Find Her Diary and It Will Be Blank, Except the First Page, One Sentence
Letters Home
Unfamiliar Territory (A Study Of The Lifelong Learner)
Walls Welcome

The Rhythm Project
March 5-6, 2010

The Rhythm Project Concert – Friday
The Rhythm Project Concert – Saturday

Veselica Spring Concert
April 16-18, 2010

Afghani Scarf Dance – Afghanistan
All The Blue Bonnets Are Over The Border – Scotland
Cockney Dances of the Pearly Kings and Queens, London – England
Cossack Women’s Dance – Russia
Dances from the Emilia-Romagna Region – Italy
Garba – India
In Anush Daviq – Armenia
Posavina Igre – Dances of Posavina – Croatia
Selected dances from the Gaziantep Region of Southern Turkey
Suite of Dances from the Sop, Northern, and Dobrudzan Regions – Bulgaria
Swing Crillo – Costa Rica
The Dance of Benediction – Thailand

Companydance Spring Concert
May 6-8, 2010

Catch-Up and Slow-Down
Even So
Errant Soul
She Said…
6 Beginnings (Excerpts)
A Shot in the Dark
Lemma 2.7
La Brea 2010
Bom Divertimento!

First Year Project
May 14, 2010

Bulgaria: Suite of Dances from the Sop, Northern and Dobrudzan Regions
A Door
Hip Hop Drop
Tracings (Excerpt)
The Aesthetic of the Cool

Open Stage
May 14, 2010

A Part
Good Night, Sleep Tight, Dream of Bed Bugs Tonight
Veil of Complacency
Pryde Spring 2010
Pretty Flourescent Lights
Voluble Insouciance
Brick to the Blueprints
I’m Here…or 12 Beginnings
Dances of 09/10 (a Parody)