Leaving St. Olaf

Senior Account Deactivation:

  • September 20 for students graduating spring semester.
  • March 20 for students graduating fall semester.

Google Drive: Transferring Ownership of Files

To transfer ownership of your Google drive to another St. Olaf user, please follow the steps at support.google.com/drive/answer/2494892

NOTE: Google Apps for Education will only allow you to reassign ownership of docs to other users in our domain. If you need to move files to a personal account, you will need to do a Google Migration (see below)

Google Groups (formerly email aliases / mailing lists)

If you are the owner of a Google Group, please transfer ownership via groups.google.com

WordPress Sites

For WordPress sites that you manage, please make sure that your successor, co-worker, or other person who will be managing the site after you leave, is setup as an Administrator on the site.

Google Migration

Option 1: Transfer your content

The Transfer option copies and transfers the following from your St. Olaf account to your personal Google account:

  • Email in Gmail (not contacts, chats, tasks, or calendar items)
  • Documents that you own in Google Drive (except files in the “Google Photos” section of Drive)
  • Documents in My Drive

To complete a Transfer, please follow the steps detailed at: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6386856?authuser=2&visit_id=1-636582973851640020-3429580922&p=transfer_content_verificationstep&hl=en&rd=1

  • Requires a personal Gmail account.
  • Original files stay in your St. Olaf account. Any changes you make to the copied files don’t affect the originals. 
  • Any emails you receive after the Transfer will not be copied to your personal Google account
  • Email labels are retained (with an added “Moved date” label) and placed in your personal Gmail account:
  • Drive files are placed in a folder in your personal Google drive:

Option 2: Download your data – Create an Archive

You can export and download your data from your St. Olaf Gmail, calendar, documents, and photos. In a few easy steps, create an archive to keep for your records or use the data in another service. NOTE: Downloading your data does not delete it from Google’s servers.

Follow the steps detailed at https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/3024190?hl=en&authuser=2

Option 3: Move Emails only

To move your email only, follow the how-to steps at https://wp.stolaf.edu/it/st-olaf-college-gmail-migration/.

  • Requires a personal Gmail account.
  • If you choose this option, your personal Gmail account will continue to check and download messages from your St. Olaf account until it is deactivated.
  • This option does not move documents stored in Drive, nor calendar items. And Gmail labels do not move.

Option 4: Hybrid Approach

If you want new emails to continue to be forwarded to your personal account (until your St. Olaf account is deactivated), AND you want a copy of your Drive documents and calendar items, you might consider a Hybrid Approach:

  • First, follow all the steps in option #3 listed above (moving emails).
  • Second, follow the steps in option #2 above (archive your data), EXCEPT de-select Gmail:


Please contact our IT Helpdesk at 507-786-3830 or email helpdesk@stolaf.edu