Share the details of your plan

I’ve included St. Olaf in my estate plans. What’s next?

Thank you! Please inform us of your intentions by completing the letter of intent of your choice using the links below. The electronic letter of intent is automatically submitted to the development office. The PDF versions can be mailed to the development office at the address on the form. The details recorded in your letter of intent have no legal authority over your estate.
Electronic letter of intent
Letter of intent for one donor (.pdf)
Letter of intent for two donors (.pdf)

What’s the benefit of sharing this information?

After communicating your wishes with the college, you can:

  • Join a community – You become the newest member of the Manitou Heights Society, our planned giving donor circle.
  • Protect your privacy – Your intent can be entirely confidential.
  • Receive recognition – The college can appropriately thank you for your generosity.
  • State a preference – Direct your gift to a fund or program of your choice–the college’s general needs, financial aid, athletics, and more.
  • Help us plan our future – The college’s ability to plan for future needs and new resources is enhanced.
  • Inspire others to follow your lead – With your permission, the story of your gift can encourage the generosity of others.

I have more questions about this. Who can I contact?

If you need assistance completing the letter of intent or if you have questions about planned giving in general, please call 800-776-6523, email, or contact a gift officer directly.