Emergency Preparedness

St. Olaf College is committed to the safety and well being of our campus community. In the event of an emergency, follow the steps outlined below.

Whom to call

The Department of Public Safety is the first contact and first responder for all campus emergencies. To reach the 24-hour Public Safety Dispatch dial:

  • From an on-campus landline: 3666
  • From any other phone: 507-786-3666

A Public Safety officer will be immediately dispatched to the scene of the incident, where he or she will assess the situation and determine if local police, fire, or medical response is required. If so, Public Safety will call 911 and coordinate the arrival of emergency personnel on campus.

In the case of a life-threatening emergency, dial 9-911 (from an on-campus landline; 911 from any other phone) for immediate response.

When calling, be ready to give your name, location (including building and room number), and a concise description of the emergency. Do not hang up until encouraged to do so as the dispatcher may need additional information and have instructions.

Campus notification of an emergency

  • Under normal circumstances, Public Safety or the Office of the Vice President for Student Life will alert the campus community of any incidents on campus that need to be brought to the community’s attention. These incidents are usually non-threatening or do not require immediate action.
  • In the case of a more serious incident or emergency, members of the campus community will be notified through the Ole Alert system and by campus email. As appropriate, an announcement will appear on the home page of the St. Olaf website and on the Tightrope event television monitors in Buntrock, Skoglund, Christiansen Hall of Music, and other campus locations.
  • It is extremely important that all members of the St. Olaf community (students, faculty, and staff) sign up for Ole Alert, as this is a key element of the college’s emergency response plan when it comes to campus notification.

Emergency planning and protocols

St. Olaf College has in place an Incident Response plan that is based on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Ole Alert

Sign up for Ole Alert, the emergency notification system, on your cell phone.